The Anatomic Iron Institute of Technology

Our in-house hands on detailing training program

We built our in-house detailing training program to ensure our staff are very skilled in Tekla Structures software as well as detailing theory. In order to deliver high quality drawings, our staff must receive a high level of training. To this end we created the Anatomic Iron Institute of Technology.

Tekla Structures Training – Program Development

The entire training program at the Anatomic Iron Institute of Technology was developed in house by our senior management team together with our senior detailing staff. This means that the training program covers not only in-depth use of Tekla Structures software but also trains our students in how we as a company use Tekla Structures software. This includes use of custom components, or UDA usage and model control functions we use to control information within the model for the benefit of our clients.

Training Program

Our Tekla Structures training program consists of a range of courses for Tekla usage from basic training right through to advanced Tekla functions and final checking.

Students graduate from one class to the next by successfully completing the course.

We also have a detailing theory program which teaches basic detailing practices right through to advanced theory. This provides our staff with the core knowledge to become senior detailers and final checkers.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are our own staff, which are recruited to teach specific classes based on their own knowledge and experience. We find that this both promotes team work within our company, and also provides the staff with a diversification from their daily work by completing training of their junior colleagues.

Our Training Process

We have a dedicated training area in our office with ten computers. Each course is taught in a “hands on” environment where the instructor demonstrates how to complete a task using a projector and the students then practice that task, such as how to use a specific macro, or create a component. The students practice each task until they are familiar with it, then the instructor moves on to the next topic.

Each course includes assignments that cover the topics of the course and requires the student to complete a course project which the instructor checks at the end of each program.

We are confident that we have one of the best in-house training programs in the industry.

This is the reason we specialize in the more complex projects on the market.

Should you have any further questions about our in-house training program please contact us and we will get back to you with the requested information.