Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anatomic customize it’s Tekla Structures settings?

Yes – Our team of technicians here at Anatomic Iron have customized many features of the software making it more geared towards meeting the specific needs of our Fabricator and Erector clients. These were made under the direction of our Management Staff, all of whom are certified Welders, Fabricators and/or Erectors themselves.

Can Anatomic Iron produce NC, DXF and Fabtrol files that are workable and compatible with my Automated CNC or Beam-Line Fabrication Facility?

Yes – Anatomic Iron’s Tekla Structures and SDS2 software platforms are fully compatible with ALL automated fabrication systems, including Fabtrol our technicians are well trained in both software platforms to ensure that our files are compatible and usable with any and all automated or semi automated systems, old or new or even custom developed by our clients. Our technicians have yet to be faced with a technical problem that they have been unable to overcome and we will go to extra mile to ensure that we meet all the needs of our client’s fabrication facility.

Does Anatomic Iron have an “In-house” set of detailing standards?

Yes – for our clients who do not have their own standards, we have two operating manuals: One for drawings with separate part drawings, and one for parts included on the assembly drawings. These two sets of standards were developed using the experience and expertise of our staff, and are constantly developed and improved upon. Upon award of a new contract, we forward a copy of these standards to the new client for their review and input.

We have very exact detailing standards and shop procedures. Can Anatomic Iron quickly adapt to our standards and produce drawings in line with what our shop personnel require?

Yes. This is one of the things that set us apart from other detailing firms. For larger clients that have exact and specific in-house detailing standards, we carefully review these standards at the outset of the first project. We then condense these standards into a “Client Specific” operating manual, to be used by our Engineering, Modeling, Editing and Checking departments. This manual is created specifically for you, and is submitted to you for corrections and revisions prior to being placed into production at our office. For all future projects, this manual is updated or modified to suit the numbering, zoning or other needs that each specific project will require.

Does Anatomic Iron have any credible references?

Yes. As a major Steel Detailer in North America, we do not publish on our website contact information of our existing client base. However, if you wish to obtain a comprehensive package outlining our work history, references and other pertinent info about our reputation, please fill out ourcontact form or visit our contact page for further contact information. Our CEO, Mike Young, will then contact you personally.

What file formats is Anatomic Iron capable of using for drawing submittals?

We are capable of producing .TIFF, .PDF, .DXF, .DWG and .PLT files. We are also able to produce specialized files for Automated Fabrication Software, such as Fabtrol. We are confident that we can produce any standard files, and any kind of specialty files, to suit any need that may arise.

We are accustomed to having Reserve Bills, Cut Lists, and other Material Management Reports. Is Anatomic Iron able to meet our needs in this area?

Yes. We have used our in-house Steel Fabrication and Erection experience to develop an in-house set of reports ranging from Reserve Bills, Cut Lists and Master Bills of Material, to Field Point To Point Bolt Lists. We have reports designed to assist you in shipping by zone or by E-plan, coordinating the outsourcing of profiling and rolling, coordinating by surface prep and/or painting, coordinating the relationship between parts and assemblies, and any other kind of coordination that may be required. Simply ask us for the desired report, and our team of technicians will program it specifically to meet your needs.

I have more questions. What do I do?

Please fill out our contact form and we will contact you directly.

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