Our Management Team:

Our focus on each project we undertake is to work as a highly successful team with full integration between our management team and our entire staff base. The following are some of our key senior team members:

Mike Young: Chairman

Michael Young brings a wealth of leadership, engineering and business expertise to the Anatomic Iron Team. His engineering and business background is founded on the completion of his Business Administration Degree (honors) at Stotts Business College, as well as a degree as Engineering Technician at the New Zealand Institute of Technology. He is a fully qualified and trained draftsman with shop qualifications in both New Zealand and Canada.

He has been owner and CEO of his own fabricating companies over his entire 50 year career completing full service detailing, fabrication and erection of structural steel. His first company was in New Zealand where he grew his fabrication facility to over 40 full time staff and completed some of New Zealand’s largest structural steel projects. In 1989 he moved to Canada and built from the ground up a new steel fabrication company that completed commercial and industrial structural steel projects on the West Coast of Canada and the United States.

In 2004 he brought his expertise in steel and business management to Anatomic Iron as CEO and accelerated the company forward to where it stands today as one of North America’s leading steel detailing firms.

Clifford Young: CEO

Clifford Young brings a great deal of expertise in financial management and business strategy to the Anatomic Iron team. With a degree in Finance and International Business from Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia he has a solid understanding of financial and accounting administration as well as business strategy and management. He has worked in a broad range of financial management roles including account manager at a major international bank.

Working both on the shop floor as a junior fabricator as well as in financial management at a large steel fabricator before co-founding Anatomic provides Cliff with over 25 years of experience in the field of steel fabrication and erection. This experience results in an in-depth understanding of the steel business and an expert capability to communicate with clients to ensure project success.

Kerry Young: Chief Operating Officer

Kerry Young is an expert in steel detailing methodology and project management. He applies this expertise in the management and development of Anatomic Iron’s production floor, in addition to running projects as a PM. He is a Certified Steel Fabricator and Fitter completing structural steel fabrication trades at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver. He is also past-ticketed as an all position CWB Welder for both SMAW and GMAW processes. He is a certified detailer and checker through completion of a specialized certification program at VCC in Vancouver Canada.

Kerry has over 30 years of experience in Steel Fabrication, Erection, Detailing, Checking and Project Management. He began his steel career on the shop floor as an apprentice welder/fitter and over the years worked his way up to Journeyman fitter, and then spent many years working in the field as an Ironworker and then as a site steel erection team foreman. After gaining this background, he then spent several years as the General Manager of a medium sized steel fabrication and erection company in Canada, responsible for the management of all detailing, all shop fabrication, and all field operations.

Before moving on from this role to co-found Anatomic Iron, he also worked as a department manager for a large Canadian steel detailing company with over 65 detailers.

Today, Kerry uses his extensive hands-on experience in fabrication and erection to specialize in Project Managing Design-Assist detailing projects. 

Dave Pye: VP Sales & Estimating

Dave Pye has worked for over 35 years in the engineering industry, starting in the MEP sector transitioning through to large scale multi story structural steel developments.

Dave is fully conversant with construction processes from his involvement managing both large and multi discipline developments.

Dave’s expertise and experience enables him to communicate with clients across all aspects of the projects, working towards offering the most cost-effective solutions tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

Keren Khouri: VP Finance & HR

Keren Khouri has over 25 years of experience in business strategy, finance, marketing and human resources.  Keren worked with Anatomic on a consulting basis from the beginning of the company, and officially joined the executive team as CPO and Director in 2016.

Keren has a Master of Business Administration from MIT, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of British Columbia. She brings a wealth of business experience, having worked as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group across a variety of industries. She has also held leadership roles in business development at an affiliate marketing start up, product development at IBM and strategy and customer segmentation at Charles Schwab.

John Cirneci: Senior Project Manager

John has 20 years of experience in the steel detailing industry and is responsible for project management and coordination on the projects under his supervision. John brings to our team a great deal of experience in steel detailing gained through working for one of our industry’s largest participants.

Starting as a junior detailer he progressed through all positions including team leader and project coordinator to become a project manager before he joined the Anatomic team. John completed his studies in engineering and speaks three languages. He is extremely proficient in both Tekla structures and SDS2 software platforms.

With all of his work experience on North American projects he is very proficient in US project processes and communication customs. He takes pride in his work and never settles for second best.

Jeremy MacFarline: Project Manager

Jeremy has been working in the steel detailing field for 18 years after graduating from Vermont Technical College in 2000 with an Associate Science degree in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology. He has developed his project management experience as the head detailer of structural projects at a small detailing company in Maine before joining our organization for the opportunity to become involved with larger and more complex projects.

He is an expert in Tekla Structures and AutoCad as a result of his detailing project history where he completed the detailing of entire small projects by himself. Through assistant project management of our projects he is rapidly building his expertise on his path to become a senior project manager with our firm.

Justine Koprowska-Janusz: Project Manager

Justine has been working in the steel detailing and engineering field for over 18 years. She started at Anatomic as a modeler after completing a 5 year University degree in Structural Steel engineering and Building technology. Her abilities and sharp mind fueled her rapid promotion into a team leader position after only 2 years.

After 4 years she was promoted to senior Team Leader and in 2015 became a junior project manager responsible entirely for her own projects. Justine is capable of producing and checking connection packages complete with full calculations and is responsible for all aspects of her 25 person strong team.

Andrew Goluszka: Project Manager

Andrew has been working in the steel detailing and engineering field for over 16 years. He started at Anatomic as a senior modeler after completing a 5 year University degree in Structural Steel engineering and Building technology. He has over 8 years of experience as a detailing team manager.

In his detailing career he has participated in all types of projects from small to large and from heavy industrial to sport and entertainment projects. His management, engineering and detailing expertise allow him to successful run multiple projects at the same time.

Łukasz Dec – Junior Project Manager

Portrait of Łukasz Dec

Łukasz has over 15 years of experience in the steel detailing field with a degree in Structural Steel and
Engineering Construction from the Cracow University of Technology. He has steadily advanced through
career progression steps at Anatomic, ranging from modeling and checking to team leading. He is also a
skilled Tekla structures specialist and a hobbyist C#/VB/SQL programmer who contributes to Anatomic
Iron’s Tekla detailing process efficiency and technology solutions.

Having successfully worked as a team leader working alongside our COO Kerry Young and managing their
30 person structural steel detailing team for the past four years, Mr. Dec is well positioned for his role as
Junior Project Manager.

Sławek Kus – Junior Project Manager

Sławek has been working in the steel detailing industry for over 11 years after graduating from Cracow
University of Technology in 2012 with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. He started at Anatomic Iron
as a Preliminary Checker and was promoted to Team Leader in 2016. Since 2022 he has been
successfully building our Precast Detailing Department running a team of 10 people that in the first year
successfully detailed 15 projects.

In 2023 as a result of his positive attitude, excellent work organization and strong management skills he
was promoted to Junior Project Manager and Head of the Precast Department. He has trained over 16
people and led teams in both pre-cast and structural steel detailing projects. With his industry expertise
and team leader experience he is fully prepared to excel as a junior project manager.