Anatomic’s Value Engineering Services are an integral service add to our customers, especially in the case of design build projects. Our experience team of project managers, preliminary engineers and senior detailing staff can review your project and find areas of improvement in the steel design and erection that will help lower overall project costs. These elements include:

  • Connection design to optimize bolted connections rather than welded to maximize efficiency in field erection.
  • Steel profile review and calculations to reduce member sizes, especially for light steel elements, where possible to bring down material costs.
  • Precise zoning and erection planning to maximize shipping lots and minimize both delivery costs to the site and crane time in the field.
  • Our preliminary engineering department commences a thorough review of the drawings at the outset of the project to find any detailing issues as early as possible. These can then be resolved via RFI very early in the detailing process to ensure that the issues do not delay the detailing and fabrication later on during the project.