Steel Detailing

Anatomic Iron has a diverse team of management talent that has many years of experience in Steel Detailing, as well as in Steel Fabricating and Steel Erecting. Our Steel Detailing process was developed with a focus on the needs of the steel fabricator and the steel erector. With this in mind, our primary focus is to produce very high quality drawings and erection plans so that shop fabrication questions and site erection problems are eliminated. 

This simple flow-chart outlines our basic drawing office production procedure, which is the result of our past fabrication and erection experience. This procedure has been further developed, refined and perfected through practical use over the years here at Anatomic Iron.

Our Steel Detailing Procedures

Our staff have advanced competency in both Tekla Structures and SDS2 software platforms and can deliver shop drawings to meet your exact shop requirements.

We are well aware that production procedures are the basis of consistently delivering high quality drawings and erection plans. This is why we maintain comprehensive production procedure manuals for our staff to review at all times during detailing.

Our primary operations manual covers all aspects of our detailing procedures and is the backbone of our ongoing training activities as well as our production.

Our Steel Detailing Information Management

We have found that the most important aspect of success in detailing any project is information management. This includes the creation and management of RFIs and all design and fabrication questions.

We focus on creating clear questions, with ample images to ensure that the problem is well understood to minimize any delays in answers.

Our project managers will work closely with your team throughout the project to ensure that all project information and the status of all items are very well known and understood at all times.

If you have any further questions regarding our Steel Detailing Process, please contact us through our contact page and we will be happy to provide you with further information