There has been an expansion of precast panel structures, both for tilt up and full precast structures including precast floor panels over the past ten years. These structures are fast and economical to build, and Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing is pleased toadvise that we also provide detailing services for precast panels.

Our detailing scope on precast panel projects include for all precast columns, slabs, associated anchor bolts, embeds and baseplates. Our precast erection drawings include a full set of all required field layout panel, slab, plank, column and embed and buyout part drawings for the precast elements.

There is a lot of benefits for bringing Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing on for your precast panel project:

  1. Having our team complete both the precast detailing as well as the structural / light steel detailing ensures that all coordination between precast and steel is completed accurately. This ensures that all embeds line up in the field, and stair landings and other related elements erect without problems.
  2. Schedule is accelerated due to the more efficient detailing process with one team complete both precast and steel detailing, even if the steel scope is only miscellaneous elements.
  3. We have a lot of experience with concrete and precast, both with coordination with precast tilt up on our structural detailing projects as well as embed placement on all our projects.