Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing is a specialist in the field of complex steel detailing, with curved and twisting steel members. The detailing of these steel elements is tantamount to project success, since bent elements have a very small tolerance in order to ensure correct field erection.

We have developed many customer Tekla components and plugins to correctly present curved steel structures on a two dimensional drawing. One such example is a plugin which creates a table of x y z coordinates on a shop drawing of an element, providing the exact deflection of the element along the length of the piece. This information is crucial to successfully bend a steel element that does not have a constant radius.

Many of our clients approach us specifically for detailing these complex structures, as our project history demonstrates. Some of our more prominent curved steel projects are:

  1. Orange County Museum of Art in California
  2. Tally Sign Support in North Carolina
  3. Atlanta Falcon’s Stadium in Georgia
  4. Denver International Airport Canopy in Colorado
  5. United Airlines Hanger in Alaska

Curved steel projects