Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing has a full suite of services in animation, project imagery, and sales support.We completed our first animation project in the creation of the Denver International Airport canopy erection animation. This short video add a great deal of value to theproject, both for erection planning, as well as marketing. As a result we developed this service and our capabilities.

We now provide the following services in this space:

  • 3D Steel Erection Animations –These video clips show the full erection of the steel elements of the building, including crane moves and site staging of the steel and site planning.
  • 3D Time Stamp Erection Images –These .jpg slideshows provide a comprehensive review of the erection of the steel structure from start to finish with the actual construction site environment. Very effective in project bid interviews, as well as kick off meetings and initial project planning.
  • Project Renders –For Design Build projects, or pre-design, our animation team can create photo realistic images of the completed project, including full exterior façade and building finishes.