We provide full engineering design and calculation services for any delegated design items. This includes stairs, rails, ship ladders, platforms, or other smaller non structural interior or exterior elements.

Our calculation packages are signed and stamped by a licensed engineer in the state of the project, and a full complete record copy will be provided to meet the project delegated design requirements.

All of our deleted design scope elements are completed in accordance with the project design, with a full review of the structural steel detailing model to ensure coordination and fit up with the structural steel.

The benefits of Anatomic Iron completingthe delegated design scope are as follows:

  1. Coordination with the steel detailing scope which we are providing to ensure fit up of all designed elements with the structural steel in the field
  2. Schedule acceleration since we complete the delegated design engineering at the same time as the detailing, providing a complete package on the project.
  3. More economical since we are already familiar with the project due to detailing, thus completing this as added scope will be less costly than bringing in a whole new contractor.