Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing provides a full suite of services for Connection designon the projects we undertake. We can complete full connection calculations and submit full connection packages for all standard connections and special connections on a given project.

We are capable in multiple connection design platforms including MathCAD, Revit and Tekla Structures software. We always couple our connection design services with the Tekla model to ensure proper connection fit up and load transfer, practicality, and efficiency of fabrication and erection. In every case our client’s fabrication standards are followed with respect to preferred connections and a focus on bolted vs welded. We complete an indepth discussion with each of our clients at the outset of each project to discuss the specific connection requirements for each project we undertake.

The advantages of Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing completing the connection design are as follows:

  1. We obtain the connections we need when we need them, to ensure the project detailing is always moving forward without delay.
  2. Wrench clearances and bolt/weld access are always reviewed in the model during design of the connection to ensure field fit up capabilities.
  3. Our connections are always designed to be as economical for the fabricator and erector as possible.