anatomic Anatomic Iron’s Response to COVID 19:

We hope that all of you are healthy and managing well during the global COVID19 crisis.  We at Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing are dedicated to the health and well-being of our staff, as well as to delivering on our client needs.  We are so proud of our staff, who have stepped up during this crisis and adapted to entirely new work-from-home requirements.  We are thankful to our clients, who are working so collaboratively with us during this unprecedented period.

Every one of us at Anatomic is dedicated to continuing to deliver excellence in every aspect of the detailing process.  During this period:

  • All staff are working 100% remote
  • All staff are leveraging remote access terminals, under our pre-tested VPN software
  • We have delivered our office computer terminals to staff with insufficient at-home computing resources
  • All staff are participating in regular team and project meetings, leveraging expanded GoToMeeting licenses and other applicable technology
  • All staff are following shelter-in-place guidelines
  • We are continuing to support our clients and deliver on our projects

If you are having difficulty reaching any one on our staff, or if you have any questions about our operations, please email,, or

We are confident, and grateful to the teamwork of our staff and client community.  We will all get through this together.

Thank you!

Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing