Design Detailing


Anatomic Iron developed the design detailing process with a partner engineering firm starting in 2013, with the interests of accelerating the overall project schedule and lowering construction costs.

Under the design detailing process we complete the detailing under contract directly to the engineer who holds the design contract.

We start the detailing when the design is only 50% complete and work closely with the design engineer as the design is developed. In this way we can bring forward steel conflicts or other problems that later on would become RFIs in a traditional steel project. As a result, the issue can be resolved during the design phase in a very efficient process between only the engineer and the detailer.


With the design detailing process we use a model approval procedure using Tekla’s In-Model Reviewer platform so that we can keep all information centrally located and easily available on the project, in a very efficient process.

Under the design detailing process who the fabricator will be is unknown during the detailing procedure. This is why the steel is approved in a model environment rather than on shop drawings.

Then, once the project has been awarded to the fabricator, all we need to do is program the fabricator's settings and generate the for fabrication drawings. The result is that the project can be released for fabrication within weeks of the fabricator being awarded the project, rather than after months as is the case in a traditional steel detailing project.



The primary benefit of the design detailing process is that we can accelerate the project schedule immensely, since the detailing is completed during the design phase rather than after the design is complete.

Here is a comparison of the schedule of a typical project under the design detailing process vs the traditional detailing process:


All parties benefit under the design detailing process as it enables the fabrication process to be started earlier and the overall project is completed much faster. Here are some of the benefits:

Benefits to Owner

Benefits to Engineer

Benefits to GC

Benefits to Fabricator

Project schedule significantly enhanced

RFIs through fabricator & GC eliminated

No steel RFIs thus less overhead costs

No RFIs thus less overhead costs

Building occupancy sooner thus investment revenue sooner

More efficient communication with detailer

Construction path shorter lowering field operating costs

More competitive quotes due to accurate material reports

More competitive quotes due to accurate material reports

Steel RFIs resolved during design stage rather than construction

More competitive quotes due to accurate material reports

Significantly enhanced project schedule improves profitability

Less delays and problems and less overall investment risk

No pressure from the GC to resolve RFIs during construction

Less field problems due to less revised steel

Fabrication can commence within one week of project award

Less extra cost claims from the steel trades

Control of the detailing contract

Less extra cost claims from the steel trades

Less delays and project problems

Owners rep spends less time on RFI issues during construction

Design drawings QC’d by detailer for conflicts and constructability issues

BIM process simplified as models built to the existing steel model

For fabrication drawings conform to shop standards


If you have any further questions about our design detailing process please contact us via our contact page and we will be happy to provide further information for you.